As the Director of Photography for a production crew comprising of twenty members, I recently embarked on a trip to the scenic island of St. Croix to create a commercial and social media content for Virgin Voyages. The purpose of the assignment was to capture the beauty of the island and its environs, along with the talent featured in the shoot.
During the course of this project, I had the privilege of leading the team in crafting exceptional visual content that showcased the beauty of the island in all its splendor. My role primarily involved overseeing the video production process and ensuring that the desired vision was captured in a manner that would effectively convey the essence of the brand to its target audience.
Working alongside Virgin Voyages was an enjoyable experience, and I was pleased to have contributed to the success of this project. I am confident that the final output will be well-received, and I look forward to future collaborations with the company.
Europe Coming Soon
Content of the production for Virgin Voyages Europe (Athens, Santorini, Rhodes, Montenegro, Mykonos, Dubrovnik, Corfu) 

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